Toreno Information Solutions




  Toreno supplies Training and Change Management solutions…. ...


  Toreno helps you design, build, and implement new processes… ...


We can source, install, and – if needed – administer your software… ...

Our Approach

Toreno Information Solutions’ approach is to let the business team design and build their own solutions; thereby improving speed-to-market and reducing costs.

Our role is to:

  1. Identify low-cost, easy-to-use, practical software
  2. Train our clients on the use of the software if needed
  3. Provide business process templates the client can use ‘as is’ or easily modify
  4. Provide design support for processes or business analytics if the business has a specific need
  5. Provide system administration support if required

Why Toreno Information Solutions?

We deliver:

Economy – Toreno uses low-cost, easy-to-use, technology to deliver high quality solutions

Flexibility – Our solutions allow you to react quickly to meet changing business needs

Sustainability – Our approach is to implement solutions stakeholders want to use

Let’s talk

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