About Us

We are not your traditional I.T. company.  At Toreno our partners have decades of experience with both business strategy and processes as well as Systems Administration and Data Management.

This balance of skill sets allows us to focus first on understanding the business requirements of the client and then applying the best I.T. solution to those needs.

With offices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Reno, Nevada, USA we have you covered in North America.

Our Privacy Policy

Ever signed up to a web-site and then started to receive marketing emails every day?  We hate spam just as much as you do. More importantly, we think your personal information is YOUR personal information.

We DO NOT use registration information to send you marketing email.

We DO NOT, and will not, sell your registration information to marketing or advertising companies. You have our word on it.

We DO NOT collect your credit card information. PayPal manages all our credit card transactions and they are really, really good at keeping your card information secure; at Toreno, we don’t have access to your credit card info.


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