JIRA Course Categories

Read this section to determine which course is best for you…

There are three things to consider when choosing the course: Software name, Version, and Target Audience.

Software Name

JIRA currently (April 2017) provides three versions of JIRA: JIRA Core, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Software.

JIRA CoreJIRA Core is designed primarily for business teams to be used when managing tasks, processes, and projects.
JIRA Service DeskJIRA Service Desk is designed for customer support functions such as Help Desks. Primarily used when you have many customers requesting assistance, but only need a few people (licenses) to support those customers.
Needs JIRA Core to work.
JIRA SoftwareDesigned for Software teams. Used when planning and tracking software development. Used with Agile and Kanban project methodology.
Needs JIRA Core to work.

Our current courses cover JIRA Core.  JIRA Core is the foundation software for JIRA. In other words, you need to have JIRA Core installed before you can use JIRA Service Desk or JIRA Software.


To determine which version of JIRA you are using, open your JIRA software and scroll to the bottom of the page. The version number will show on the footer of the page.

Target Audience

Many software programs have different levels of permissions.  These various levels gives the user greater or lessor freedoms to access different areas of the software. Our courses are designed for specific default permission groups that are available when you first purchase the software.

SoftwareGroupDescription of Permissions
JIRA CoreJIRA Core AdminThe JIRA Core Administrator has the freedom to do anything in JIRA Core including making hardware changes, software configuration, and designing / building projects, issues, and workflows.
JIRA CoreJIRA Core UserThe JIRA Core User has basic permissions. The User can typically work on issues/tasks within JIRA, but cannot design or create projects.