Training Course Pricing

Things to know about how we set our pricing…

At Toreno, we have never understood why others charge such high prices for Training. Our goal is to make our training prices as low as possible while still making a fair profit.

Our files are hosted by Amazon and therefore our prices are based on three factors:

File Size

The larger the file size for the lesson the more it costs to download it to you. That’s why our courses are not the same price; the file sizes are different.

Number of downloads

There is a download charge applied to Toreno by Amazon each time you download a lesson. Because of that we limit the number of downloads to two (2) for each lesson. Each lesson is only about 30 – 45 minutes long; so, it is reasonable to assume that you should be able to finish a lesson in one sitting. But in case not, we give you another chance. And if your life is very chaotic and you cannot finish a lesson in 2 tries, send us an email and we will work to make sure you are satisfied.

Lesson Sharing

If we allowed unlimited sharing of our training videos we would either soon be bankrupt, or we would have to raise our prices to unacceptable levels. Each of our lessons are encrypted so that they cannot be shared with other users. I think you would agree this is fair.