Training Course Terms and Conditions

Here are some important conditions to be aware of before you buy…

Our Pricing

We believe the pricing for our on-line training courses are the best. You probably won’t find a better deal anywhere else. Having said that, you must agree that it is fair for us to make a profit. Consequently, we have put some conditions in place so you can continue to enjoy our courses at fantastic prices, and we can make a reasonable profit.

Maximum number of Downloads

We host our training videos with Amazon S3 services. Amazon charges us a fee for each download, and that fee is based on file size.  If we allowed unlimited downloads, we would soon go bankrupt; which is not good for us and not good for our students.

As a result, we limit the number of times you can download (access) each lesson to two (2).  At 45 minutes per lesson, we figure 2 downloads is more than enough time to allow you to learn a lesson.

Repeating a Course

Once a course is complete you will be unable to repeat the course without repurchasing it. We do this to prevent additional users from accessing the course for free.


Amazon uses encrypted URLs. That means you cannot share the training video with other people. Sorry.

One Device at a time

You will be able to access the course from one device at any time.  In other words, if you have logged on to your desktop you will not be able to log in to our site using another computer, tablet, phone, etc.  We do this to prevent additional users from accessing the course for free.