General Instructions for Training Courses

Thank you for purchasing our Toreno on-line training course.  Here are some general instructions for taking the course.

Purchasing a Course

  1. In order to purchase a course, you will need to register as a student.  You can do this in two ways: first, by clicking on the Login/Register link at the top of the page. Second, by registering when you purchase the course.
  2. Once you register, you can change your username, email, password and other details in the ‘My Account’ menu item on the main menu bar.
  3. You may be a training instructor and want to purchase (for example) 5 copies of a course for 5 different students. Do NOT purchase multiple copies of a course using the same username/email address. A purchased course is associated with a specific email address. Therefore if you purchase more than one copy at a time, your username/email address will register only one of the purchases and ignore the rest. If you do inadvertently purchase more than one copy at a time, please contact us and we will refund those additional courses.
  4. If you are an instructor and do want to purchase multiple copies of a course, first register each student and then purchase one copy of the course using the student’s registered email. Or contact us and we will help you set up as many students as you require.

Accessing the Course

  1. After you purchase the course, that course will appear in the ‘My Courses’ menu item on the main menu bar.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the title of your course to expand the list and show all of the lessons in the course.
  3. Our courses are designed to follow a specific path; so, by default you must start with the first lesson. The next lesson in the course will become available (i.e. you can click on it) once you finish the quiz in the current lesson.
  4. Each course will show a progress bar, and an average grade based on quizzes completed.
  5. In some cases you may be enrolled in multiple courses that are related (e.g. Level 1 course, Level 2 course). With related courses you may be required to complete the first course before being allowed access to the second course.

Taking the Course and Quizzes

  1. When you are in a lesson you can pause, rewind, or start again as many times as you like, while you are logged in to that session.
  2. You can also take the quiz at any time while logged in to the lesson. In other words, you can take the quiz before watching the lesson, while watching the lesson, or once the lesson has finished playing.
  3. When you have completed the quiz you will be given the opportunity to revisit the questions and change your answers if you wish. However, after you click the ‘submit answers’ you may not retake the quiz if you pass.
  4. If you fail a quiz, you may retake the quiz one more time.

Repeating a Lesson or Course

  1. Amazon charges Toreno a download charge every time a user accesses/downloads a lesson or course. Because of that, we limit the number of times you can access a lesson to two login sessions.
  2. Once a lesson is complete you may not repeat the lesson.
  3. Once a course is complete you may not repeat the course. If you wish to repeat the course, you will need to purchase a new copy.

Finishing the Course

When the course is finished and you have successfully passed all of your quizzes, a certificate will be emailed to you, or you can click the ‘download certificate’ button which appears with the congratulation note on successful completion of the course.