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Jira has two types of users: Jira Administrators and Users.

Jira Administrators have permission to access all areas of Jira and make any changes.  Users use the software, but they don’t have permission to make any design changes. While our books are written for Jira Administrators, Jira Users may also find them valuable.

The Jira training Guides are targeted towards business teams (i.e. non-I.T.) who have Jira Administrator permissions. Written in non-technical terms by Roy Klomp (a partner with Toreno), these books are great for business process designers who want to design and build Jira Task, Process, or Project solutions without incurring costly I.T. expenses.

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We also have two German versions translated by Philipp Sendek (Atlassian Consultant at Brainbits GmbH, Atlassian Certified System Administrator, Atlassian Certified Confluence Administrator, Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator, and Atlassian Certified in Agile Development with Jira Software) .

Jira Administrator Beginner Guides

Readers’ Reviews

“When I joined my company in the beginning of the year I needed to learn Jira. The first thing I did was purchase a kindle version of your “Jira Core Basics” on January 21st (yes, I looked it up) to get started with Jira. I read it cover-to-cover and it proved to be invaluable and absolutely essential reading. Thank you for that!!”

Inna Gordin

“Very good for some one who want to know the basic”


“Lucky me, I found this book.”  “I would highly recommend the book to any person who wants to learn how Jira works.”


“…But if you do care and want to understand the process further then this book will be a fantastic resource. It’s new and it covers modern JIRA from a perspective that just makes sense to the layman.”

Alex Turner: WhatPixel

Top 10 Books for Learning Jira

Jira Core Workflows

Readers’ Reviews

“This books does a good job explaining how to build Jira Workflows. Once you’ve read it you are prepared to lead a discussion with project stake holders. It gives you the important information in an orderly way. The second chapter builds on the first. I think building workflows is one of the hardest things for a new admin to understand and I am thankful Rynder has written this book. It is very helpful. Most other Jira books focus on too broad of an audience to be useful. This one is written where it is useful for a project owner, user, and especially an admin. Very please with this purchase. I will be looking at Rynder’s other books soon. Well done.”


Jira Service Desk

Jira Administrator Beginner Guides – German Translation

Ins Deutsche übersetzt von Philipp Sendek

JIRA Core: Einsteigerhandbuch für Business-Nutzer

JIRA Core: Einsteigerhandbuch für Business-Nutzer

JIRA Core: Einsteigerhandbuch für Business-Nutzer ...