Jira Core Basics: A Beginner Guide for Novice Jira Administrators


JIRA Core Basics: a Beginner Guide for Novice Jira Administrators

In today’s hectic business world where you are asked to do more, in less time, and with fewer resources, there is an ever increasing need to improve work efficiencies.

Jira Core is an outstanding Task, Process, and Project management software. Jira Core allows you to inexpensively automate and simplify your work processes without involving I.T. resources.

Jira Core Basics is a practical guide that takes a step-by-step approach to learning Jira. Starting with a description of how the pieces fit together you will, through explanation and exercises, quickly gain expertise in building your own customized Jira Core application. The book is written in non-technical language. No coding or I.T. skills are required.

Roy Klomp has years of Jira experience and has written numerous books about Jira for business teams that have little or no I.T. skills and would like to use Jira to build their own task management applications. His company, Toreno Information Solutions provides Jira training solutions and process design assistance.

Buy your copy of “Jira Core Basics” today and learn how to quickly and inexpensively build your own quality customized task/process/project management applications.

At 350 pages for $19.99, I believe you will find it of great value.

Who should buy this book:

  • Novice Jira Administrators (those who will design and build custom Task, Process, and Project management applications)
  • Business Teams (i.e. little to no I.T. knowledge)
  • Users of Jira Core (versions 7.x)

NOTE: This version replaces earlier versions and also includes chapters from the Jira Core Intermediate guide.

NOTE: This book was written using Jira Core 7.6 but is suitable for all versions of Jira Core (versions 7.x) up to the time of writing.

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NOTE: Due to the volume and complexity of images it is recommended you view this ebook with screen sizes 9 inches (23cm) or larger. Or purchase the paperback version.