Toreno supplies Training and Change Management solutions….

When developing new processes or installing new software you understand that your team members will be concerned about the change. We can assist you with our Toreno Training and with our Toreno Change Management solutions.


Toreno recognizes that people like learning in different formats. That’s why we provide three ways to learn: our on-line training courses, our books, and on-site training.

First, Toreno supplies low-cost on-line JIRA training courses.

We also provide JIRA Beginner and Intermediate books (paperback or eBook version) for JIRA Administrators.

Finally, we are available for live JIRA training if that is your preferred option.

Change Management

Change is often a frightening experience to employees, especially if you are changing processes or technology.

Common questions or comments from Team members are:

“I don’t know if I have the ability to work with the new process or the new software.  If I can’t do it, will I lose my job?”

“We are happy with the old way, why do we have to change?”

“Is this a way of getting rid of me?”

“Are you just trying to give me more work?”

Resistance to change is normal. No one likes to change if they don’t have to. Indeed, Resistance is actually a good thing. If someone tells you to touch a stove burner, wouldn’t you ask if it was hot?  It is when normal resistance turns to obstinate unwarranted resistance that you have trouble.

Change Management is the art and science of gaining team acceptance when implementing a major change; thereby preventing armed rebellion (or even worse, quiet sabotage).

At Toreno, we have decades of successful Change Management experience. Talk to us before you make major process change or implement new software. Let’s discuss how we can make change as painless as possible.

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