Design/Build Processes and Controls

Your business is growing and you realize you need to put in place processes and controls, but without hampering flexibility…

At Toreno, we help you bring more process and controls discipline to your company.

Your business is growing. You can no longer do everything yourself, and you realize you need to put in processes and controls. But you also don’t want to lose your company’s entrepreneurial culture, and the flexibility to react to emergencies that must be dealt with now.

One of the biggest challenges small companies face when growing is how to implement the right degree of discipline. Too little change and things remain chaotic. Too much discipline and it becomes a frustrating environment, a sense that all these “new rules” are just getting in the way of our work.

Toreno recognizes that you are not a billion dollar company (not yet anyway), so we don’t try to put in place processes and procedures that a billion dollar company needs. At this point you just need a little bit of structure and some tools to help you be more disciplined. What we commonly hear is, “help my company be a little more organized but keep it simple and basic. Don’t over-complicate things.” That’s how we operate, and that’s what we recommend.

If this sounds like something you need, then let’s talk. You’ll be glad you did.