Improve your Decision Making

Improve your decision making by letting Toreno build you flexible reporting tools that allow you to quickly drill down to areas of specific interest…

At Toreno, we help you make more informed decisions.

If you are like most companies you rely on spreadsheet reports (usually Microsoft Excel) to help you understand your business and make decisions. The problem with these traditional spreadsheet reports is that they often raise questions that cannot be immediately answered. And creating additional reports to answer those follow up questions can take days to build.

Let Toreno help improve your decision making by building a flexible reporting tool. We focus on building reports that are graphical in nature, connected with one another, and allow you to quickly drill down to areas of specific interest.

Want to know how many widgets ACME company bought in May of this year? Want to know which of your sales reps sold the most shoe horns in the last quarter? Want to know just exactly where you are over budget this quarter? All those sorts of questions are immediately available with our reporting tools.

Let’s look at a few examples.

First we have a heat map report that we built for a client in Florida (Blue Marlin is a fictitious name). Much better than a spreadsheet in that it allows the viewer to quickly identify strengths and opportunities. Clicking on any county in the heat map opens another screen with additional information (which we won’t show as it contains real data and names).


Here are a couple of graphical reports supplied by Qlik that shows the drill down capability of graphical reporting.

First we have a Sales and Margin report by Sales Rep.

[Image courtesy of Qlik View]

But I notice that one sales rep, Kathy Clinton is under performing in Margin. Let’s try to understand why? By clicking on the Kathy Clinton dot, I can drill down and gain a better understanding of what Kathy is selling.

 [Image courtesy of Qlik View]

I see that she is selling a good amount of wine, which is great except wine is a low margin category. Fresh Vegetables is our highest margin category and she isn’t selling very much of that. Maybe we should have a conversation with Kathy and try to understand why she appears to be more focused on wine than vegetables.

As you can see, these sorts of interactive reports allows you to drill down very quickly to take advantage of opportunities.

Our team can help you choose the analytics software best suited for your situation and set it up. We can also assist with building the drill down reports. Improve your decision making today!

If this sounds like something you need, then let’s talk. You’ll be glad you did.