Manage Tasks, Processes, and Projects

Let JIRA help you manage and automate your tasks, processes, and projects, all at a price you will love…

At Toreno, we help you manage tasks, processes, and projects.

In today’s hectic business world we are all asked to do more, with better quality, in less time and with fewer resources. Your team is pushed to the limit, and they are already highly stressed. You need a solution but aren’t quite sure which way to turn.

This is where JIRA comes in. JIRA is excellent at managing Tasks, and Projects. Automated status reports and automated emails indicating the task is complete (or late if past a due date) makes life so much easier.

And it is fantastic at managing and ‘automating’ Processes. For example, when clicking a button to indicate that a process step is complete, you can have JIRA set up to automatically:

  • Forward a file to a designated individual(s)
  • Send a notification email to someone indicating the step is complete
  • Change the status of the process and update the status report
  • Hand off the process to the next team member in the process
  • Time stamp the time and date that the process step was complete
  • Officially close out the process

JIRA is designed to be highly adaptable. Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife for your business processes needs. JIRA helps your growing company organize your office efficiently and economically.

Best of all, JIRA software is extremely budget friendly.

BBC, Tesla, Nordstrom, VISA, Bose, Home Depot, Land-Rover, Bosch, and over 50,000 other organizations around the world are using JIRA, shouldn’t you take a look?

At Toreno, we specialize in JIRA set up, workflow design, and training.

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If this sounds like something you need, then let’s talk. You’ll be glad you did.