Improve Team Collaboration

Let Confluence help you and your team complete documents and presentation faster, cheaper, and with more accuracy…

At Toreno, we help your team work together more effectively.

You have a quote or document to complete. It involves input from Marketing, Legal, Supply Chain, Advertising, and one of your Suppliers, which typically means either passing a file attachment via email and asking for input, or sharing the file in a common folder (but still requires emailing each participant and asking them to add their comments).

All too often this results in people working on the wrong – outdated – file, or way too much time spent while waiting for people to reply.

Confluence is the world’s best at solving these challenges. Confluence allows everyone to work on the document at the same time. It is fantastic at maintaining version control; so, you know who made what change and when. Any time a change is made, all participants get an automated email indicating a change has been made. Confluence is team participation at its best.

Bottom line, Confluence helps you complete documents faster, cheaper, and with more accuracy.

Your Toreno team members are CONFLUENCE experts. We can help you set up Confluence, and connect it to your databases and file systems.  We can also train your team to use Confluence and help you set up Confluence templates for work you may do on a repetitive basis.

Follow this link for more detail about Confluence.

If this sounds like something you need, then let’s talk. You’ll be glad you did.