Database Implementation

Let Toreno Information Solutions ease the pain of your database implementation, configuration and data migration…

At Toreno, we help you organize your data.

Like most of us, you probably used spreadsheets to keep track of things when you first started your company. And like most of us, you probably continued to do so as your company grew. And, again, like most of us, you have reached the point where management-by-spreadsheet is now causing considerable headaches. It’s time to move to a secure, centralized, database system. That’s where we can help you. We can help ease the pain of your database implementation, configuration, and data migration. Our team has made countless transitions. You can trust our technical skills to do the job.

At Toreno we have experience with:

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Express

MS Access




But our experience is not limited to technical exercises. Your team will probably have many concerns about migrating to a centralized database system. “What will happen to my information?” “Will I be able to understand how to work with the database?” “Will other people be able to see or steal my information?” “Why can’t we just stay with spreadsheets?” These are some of the questions your team members are likely to have. At Toreno we specialize in helping your team make the transition as painlessly as possible. Our Change Management specialists will educate and train your team members and allay their very natural questions and concerns.

Give us a shout and let’s discuss. You’ll be glad you did.