JIRA Core 7.1 USER – Training Course for novice JIRA Core Users


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JIRA Core 7.1 USER – Introduction to JIRA Core

For JIRA Core version 7.0 or 7.1.

Designed for JIRA Core Users, this course introduces Рin non-technical language Рthe student to the basic concepts of JIRA Core and demonstrates how to use JIRA Core with its default settings.

This course is designed for JIRA Users, those individuals who are authorized to use JIRA Core but do not have permission to change settings, administer, or customize the software.

Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes in length. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson with an award of achievement emailed to the student upon the successful completion of the course.

This course introduces JIRA Users to the software through seven lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction to JIRA Core

In this Lesson, the student will learn:

-What is JIRA
-How does JIRA work
-The main Elements of JIRA
-How YOU benefit from using JIRA

Lesson 2: “Create your first JIRA Issue”

In this Lesson, the student will learn:
– How to Create a JIRA Core Issue
– The default fields in the Task Issue

The student will also create a JIRA Core Issue

Lesson 3: JIRA Core Issue Details View and Issue View Menus

In this lesson, the student will gain an In-depth understanding of the Issue Details View
-The Issue Details View Menu Bar
-The Issue Details
-People area
-Time Area
-Activity Area

The Student will also create a Sub-task and will Log Work on their Issue

Lesson 4: You, and Time Estimating

In this lesson, the student will learn:
– What are Users and Project Roles
– How Roles interact with your JIRA Core project and with JIRA Core other projects
– What are Permissions and how they apply to you in your JIRA Core Role
– How to use Time Estimating

Lesson 5: Workflows, and Main Menu Bar

In this lesson, the student will:
– Learn about JIRA Core Workflows and how to work with them
– Gain an in-depth knowledge of the JIRA Core Main Menu Bar

Lesson 6: JIRA Core Dashboards

In this lesson, the student will learn:
– What is a Dashboard
– Configuring a Dashboard
– Managing Dashboards

The student will also:
– Create a Dashboard
– Add and configure a Dashboard Gadget

Lesson 7 – JIRA Core Filters

In this lesson, the student will learn:
– What is a Filter
– Managing Filters

The student will also:
– Create a Basic Filter
– Save the Filter
– Create a more difficult Filter


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