Jira Core Lesson: How to restrict a User to a single Jira Core Project



A common business requirement in Jira Core is the need to give Users unique permissions within a Jira Core project and, at the same time, to restrict Users from having visibility and access to other projects.

This is a single 1 hour lesson that will teach the student how to restrict Users to a single project. During the course the student will learn how to:

  • Create Users, Groups, and Project Roles
  • Grant Groups access to Jira Core
  • Assign the Users, Groups and Roles to a specific project
  • Create a project specific permission scheme
  • Grant the groups unique permissions
  • Edit the Default permission scheme
  • Edit the Jira-core-users group

The lesson contains a mix of theory, exercises, and best practices that not only instructs the student in how to build the solution, but also explains why we are doing so.

Note: This is an intermediate topic and assumes that the student has a good basic knowledge of Jira Core. If not, we recommend first taking one of our Jira Core basic courses.